21 Beautiful Mehendi Favors For Your Ceremony

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South Indian mehendi designs aren’t elaborate and yet I love the simplicity of it. A simple dot in the middle of the palm with the finger tips reddened, just about adds perfect color to the occasion.

The North Indian designs on the other hand are visually rich and intricate. From the scenes of the wedding, to beautiful animals and Gods, the designs tell a story. The charm of it lies in the craftsmanship and the hours that the artist (and the bride) put in it.

So when I got married to a Punjabi and hosted a bunch of people from two stark cultures, it was a celebration in the true right. Whether the guests chose the simple version of the mehendi or the intricate one, I wanted the event to be fun for everyone. For mehendi marks the beginning of sorts for the rest of the formal functions that follow. It is the one occasion which is like a slumber party for girls, only here we are all nicely dressed.

When it came to mehendi favors however, I wish I had done my research. Every guest is different and having to decide one common return gift can be daunting. Customized options can cause a lot of headache and yet leave your guests unsatisfied.

I wish I had worked on this blog way before but even still, this can help you to get your favors in place and delight your guests:

1.Bath products


A lot of companies like Body shop, Kama, Khadi etc. offer great and affordable bath products. If you are buying in bulk they will be happy to create mini hampers for you as well. To have fragrant and pampering products in beautiful gift baskets makes for an amazing gift to anyone. Pick the products as per your budget and make a great mehendi favor out of it!

2.Bangle bazaar

In one of the mehendis that I went to, a bangle seller was right there with an array of bangles. These days it is easy to get them to your mehendi because they are able to sell bangles in bulk. Have your friends and family pick their favorite colors and the right size from an eclectic mix. You can also ask for specific bangles in Lac or glass if you have a theme in mind.

3.Fabric bangles


I for one love glass bangles, but the fabric bangles are an extremely stylish alternative. Go for fabric bangles that are easily available in markets like Lajpat nagar, Chandni chowk or Karol Bagh in Delhi. you can pick the bangles in varied colors and have them displayed as a hanging jhoomar at your mehendi too. This will not only make for a novel decoration but also a great favor.

4.Basic make up


Figuring out the tones and shades of make up for each and every guest is not easy. Instead make a basic make up kit with lip glosses, nail paints and kajal that most girls use. If you dare, go for bright colors like reds and pinks or shades of plum (that is in), which would suit the occasion beautifully. You can pick the brands as per your budget and have them packed in as creative a way as possible.

5.Cocktail rings

Beautiful cocktail rings that go with Indian as well as western outfits can notch up the style quotient of any look. You can either have them made out of fabrics (gota patti rings are easy to find) or just purchase adjustable cocktail rings in bulk from a market.

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6. Potlis and clutches

Source: Shopify
Source: Shopify

You may have a lot of ideas as far as the gifts go but here is a way to package them. Beautiful fabric potlis and clutches are a great buy from any Indian crafts shop or emporium (We have Dilli Haat and Dastkar in Delhi). They are also a great carry on to wedding functions for any guest.

7.Innovative Jhoomar


Jhoomars have been in for a long time and are here to stay. Various jhoomars are available in markets for an affordable price and buying in bulk always gets you a good bargain. Pick from pearls and stones, or fabrics like gota patti or simply have your local flower decorator have them made out of flowers.

8.Hand mirrors and craft boxes

Easily available and yet exclusive in making. A lot of effort goes into making hand crafted favors and these come quite handy. From holding one’s earrings to taking a quick look at oneself before an important meeting, the boxes and the mirrors also have a charm to them.

9. Stoles and dupattas

My favorite! More so because I have a host of stoles for winter and for summer. They add the dash of color to an otherwise monotone outfit and can be worn in many styles. Easily available from a store or online, try brightening your venue by hanging them in an innovative way as your guests pick their favorite.

10. Parandi

No North Indian wedding feels complete without accessories that reflect the culture. Parandis are a colorful and a fun part of the tradition and can make a great mehendi favor.

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11. Mehendi inspired confectionery

Source: Henna Art Blog
Source: Henna Art Blog

Be it cookies or cupcakes, hand out boxes of them to your guests as favors. Have them designed as per the theme of your function or even the initials of your guests, if you want a little customization.

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12. Junk jewelry

Who doesn’t like them? From silver earrings to bracelets, from wacky pendants to ear cuffs – gift a collection of junk jewelry that every guest would love to have.

13.Nail art station

After the mehendi dries up who wouldn’t want something extra on their hands? Have a nail art station that is sure to be a hit among the ladies. It works even better for those who are not too fond of getting their mehendi done.

14.Incense candles and diyas


Incense candles and customized diyas are not just mehendi specific but work for a number of occasions. Which is why it becomes easier for your guests to make great use of them. Easily available and in a varied price range, pick them to brighten your function as you display them on a table.

15. Tiaras and hair bands

I can’t remember the number of times I have seen women posing with different kind of tiaras on their heads. They just add a charm that is endearing and beautiful. From floral tiaras to intricate and designer ones, go for them!

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16. Attar 


Again a personal favorite, I prefer them to the branded perfumes. Available in beautiful fragrances, you will be spoilt for choices. If you do not want to go for earthy smells of mogra or jasmine, try the latest attar that are getting popular. They smell exactly like your favorite (and expensive) brands!

17. Toe rings and anklets


Even if people do not wear them often, they would keep them. These little trinkets are a great add on to the jewelry collection of any girl and come in handy in every wedding season.

18. Maang Teeka

Like the jhomaar, this doesn’t go out of style. I bet a lot of your guests will just take them out and wear them immediately. A chunky elaborate maang teeka goes very well with a simple outfit.

19. Customized photo jackets with a mehendi theme booth

A fun way to say you care. Customized gifts always make your guest feel special. Get signs made specially for the kind of people you have invited and a photo jacket that they will cherish.

20. Mehndi cones filled with sweets


The omnipresent mehendi cones do not have to make an exit once your mehendi is over. You can fill in home made chocolates or sweets and give them as mehendi favors to your guests.

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21. Craftsy penny purses


We may have a lot of wallets but the change will always clink in the purse. Add to the woe you will never find them when you need them the most. Help your friends with a beautiful penny purses that they wouldn’t mind as an extra carry on in their purse.

I hope you loved the ideas as much as I loved researching them for you. While you ponder over what to pick, let us ponder over the design that will be highlight of your mehendi. Book a mehendi artist from UrbanClap!


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